Wojtek Fundamenski, Poland

“I think the international aspect of the experiment. The fact that it is really a centre of excellence where people from all around the world come to execute experiments. I enjoy also the possibility to collaborate on modelling and theoretical activities.”

Thomas Eich, Germany

“In particular the weekends since then I can work without a lot of interruptions.”

Krystel Crombe, Belgium

“Two parts. One part I enjoy a lot the scientific work because it is very interesting to work here. And the other also very nice part is that it is an international environment and you get to meet a lot of people from all over Europe.”

Mark Beurskens, Netherlands

“I have worked on smaller laboratories in Europe, which is fun – you had the Plasma physics. But working on JET really brings together the whole of Europe which I find very enjoyable. And it brings together all the experts of all of Europe and that makes it very challenging and interesting area to work in.”

Anna Widdowson, United Kingdom

“I like the variety of my work, working on experiments like the Tokamak but also working to develop new diagnostics to go into the Torus. So it’s a very good job.”

Matthis Brix, Germany

“What I really enjoy is actually the international team we are working in. Having people from all over the world, meeting them daily. That’s what I enjoy very much and looking in particular at all the political rows from different sides. It’s interesting.”

Janos Marki, Hungary

“I think mainly the international ambience. There are so many people from so many backgrounds that still manage to work and collaborate effectively.”

Tuomas Tala, Finland

“The atmosphere, I guess, its people from different countries. I came here ten years ago when I was a young student, then it felt fantastic. Now I’m sort of getting used to it, so it’s not fantastic anymore but it’s still nice.”

Antonio Quercia, Italy

“Here you really apply what you study. When you are in a university or a theoretical research centre, you just read and write paper. When you don’t apply things there can be something that is actually wrong. The thing you see in the application suggest you how to make a better theory.”

Volker Naulin, Denmark

“I think the most enjoyable is that JET is really a focus point of fusion research in Europe. That you have people from all over the place coming here. So being here gives you access to the most bright people and it this actually pleasant to work together with.”