Eero, what is your PhD work about?

I work on simulations of fast ions in fusion plasmas and I hope that my work will yield insights about fast ion related physics in the presence of magnetohydrodynamic activity.

Do you interact a lot with the machines in Europe?

We have a collaboration with ASDEX Upgrade and visit Garching two or three times a year. We also work with JET, but I myself have only been there once, attending a summer school.

What made you choose a PhD subject connected to fusion science?

Well, it really started some time ago when I looked for my first summer job at the university. I wanted to have something to do with energy, and the group that I am working with now interested me most. Later I did my masters thesis in that group and now I am working on my PhD.

Are you finding that your expectations are being fulfilled?

My expectations are fulfilled in the sense that I am part of a group that works quite internationally and has some serious computing resources at use. What also motivates me a lot is that some bigger partners in fusion are interested in our results. So I would say that my expectations have been more than just fulfilled.

Where would you like to be ten years from now? Do you have a dream job?

University is a good option and, if I want to stay in Finland, VTT is another possibility. But if I really wanted to pursue a career in the academic world or in the fusion community, I would have to go abroad and apply at JET or ITER or one of the larger research centres like IPP Garching. For me personally, a dream job would be more that of a university researcher than working at one of those facilities, because you have more freedom at a university.