On 13 May, more than 300 people gathered to celebrate the successful completion of the JET shutdown. Since October 2009, the robot arms of the remote handling unit changed about 86,000 components inside the JET torus. It was the biggest shutdown in JET’s 28-year long history.

JET is now a new machine, a small ITER. With the next generation of JET experiments, the fusion community intends to prepare the ITER operational regimes 10 years in advance. The results of these experiments will make the operation of ITER easier and also help to make ITER a success.


EFDA thanks all contributors picture of Lorne Horton

First of all, EFDA would like to take this opportunity to thank the JET operator who has dealt with this shutdown in a dedicated manner, combining detailed planning and an ability to react in a flexible way to changing circumstances with a lot of hard work. In addition, EFDA also thanks all the Fusion Associates that have actively participated in the various enhancement projects. The JET Team has already started receiving congratulations and compliments from colleagues in the fusion community for achieving this milestone.

 I would certainly like to add my own personal thanks and congratulations to the entire shutdown team.

Lorne Horton, Head of the EFDA JET Department