A delegation from Finland representing industry and contributors to Finnish Fusion Society visited the Association Euratom-IPP, the ITER International Team and the EFDA CSU on 2 December 2002 in Garching (Germany). Their goal was to find out how their companies and associations could contribute to the skills and technologies of fusion research with regard to ITER.

The Meeting started with a welcome by Prof. K. Lackner (EFDA Leader) and Prof. A. Bradshaw (Director of IPP) to put the Finnish guests in the right mood for a day rich in information. Prof. M. Kaufmann (IPP Directorate) gave an overview of the IPP Fusion programme, presented in more detail by Dr. M. Winkler (IPP), who explained how the experiences gained with Wendelstein 7-X have been benefitting industry. The involvement of European industry in the special research areas was presented by Dr. E. Salpietro (EFDA, Magnet Structures), Dr. P. Barabaschi (ITER design), Dr. R. Andreani (EFDA technology programme) and Dr. W. Dänner (EFDA, Vessel/In-Vessel). The delegates toured ASDEX Upgrade and during an open discussion showed avid interest on the perspectives towards ITER construction.

Finnish participants:
• Mikko Karvinen (Metso Paper Oy)
• Raimo Rantaanen, (Outokumpu Oy)
• Harri Tuomisto, (Fortum Nuclear Services Oy)
• Prof. Jorma Routti, (former DG Research, EC)
• Prof. Jouko Suokas (VTT)
• Dr. Mervi Sibakow (TEKES)
• Juha Lindén (TEKES)
• Iiro Andersson (Finnu Fusion/PrizzTech)
• Pertti Pale (FinnFusion/ PrizzTech)