A 12-member-team of scientists and engineers has been chosen to manage the United States’ contribution to ITER.

The Team will be headed by Dr. Ned Sauthoff, who has joined ORNL after completing a distinguished career at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, where he served as U.S. ITER’s planning officer for 18 months before becoming US ITER Project Manager in February. Dr. Sauthoff headed PPPL’s Offsite Research Department, which supports fusion research collaborations around the world. He is a former president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers-USA.

As US ITER Project Manager, Sauthoff will direct all non-governmental aspects of U.S. involvement with the international ITER project, which includes: securing technical assistance from within U.S. fusion community labs, universities and industries; procuring and shipping U.S. hardware contributions; arranging for U.S. personnel to work abroad at the ITER site; and representing the U.S. before the international ITER Organization on construction and preparation for ITER operations.

The team members are currently employed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, and the Savannah River National Laboratory. Information on the individual members can be found on the news section of the EFDA website.