„Sonnenwende“ – the German word for solstice is composed of the two words „solar“ and „turnaround“. Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG) used the word’s ambiguous nature and named its energy exhibition „Sonnenwende – sustainable energy for the future“. IPP Director Professor Sibylle Günter and Professor Robert Schlögl, Director of the MPG’s Fritz-Haber-Institut, are mentors of the show which started on June 12 in Berlin and will be open until autumn this year.

Max Planck Science Gallery - Energy

Max Planck Science Gallery Berlin (Picture: Stefanie Mahler / Max Planck Science Gallery)

Fusion research and energy scenarios

The exhibition pinpoints ways out of the impending energy crisis and highlights alternatives to present-day energy production. Photos, films and interviews provide fascinating insights into fundamental research fields that range from investigating and modelling climate change via computing to sketching global energy scenarios. Exhibits on research for energy production cover fields like nuclear fusion, fuels produced from solar energy or artificial photosynthesis. Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics is one major contributor to the exhibition and provides deep insights into fusion research.The institute also exhibits global energy system models that investigate possible future pathways towards a sustainable energy supply. The models deliver scenarios which support decision makers to set the course of the future, embracing a wide spectrum of technological, economic and political options.

Exhibition on demand for stakeholders

Max Planck Science Gallery was inaugurated in September 2011. The exhibition uses state of the art digital communication formats and changes topic every few months. It is deliberately located in Germany’s capital Berlin and aims at politicians or other stakeholders, who can use the gallery as a showcase for German research. Set up fully digital, the exhibition can display any pre produced show within minutes and therefore cater for various interest groups. Since it opened, the gallery has received on average between 70 and 100 visitors per day.