The inconvenience of using the temporary assembly in 2001 (compromising only three sectors of TPL) was largely compensated for by the satisfaction of developing very powerful techniques for testing and qualification of the components and to have been able to preserve a contact with the industrialist which was more of a partnership than that of the conventional customer-supplier relationship. It is of considerable significance that high heat flux components remain one of the major challenges for the success of thermonuclear controlled fusion and in particular of ITER. In 2002, after the completion of all the CIEL components, the main priority of the Tore Supra experimental programme will be the realisation of a steady-state, high power plasma discharge with an injected/extracted energy in the gigajoule range by injecting, for example, 3MW of RF power for more than 300 seconds. A new world record of 210 seconds with more than 600MJ of thermal energy was already achieved at the end of July.