On November 18th CEA presented the Tore Supra experimental programme for 2010 – 2011 at a meeting held in Cadarache. The programme is based on the significant upgrade of the Lower Hybrid (LH) radiofrequency system for heating and current drive that has been implemented within the framework of the CIMES project for long pulse operation (see FN October 2009). With the new systems, Tore Supra is able to produce plasma discharges lasting up to 1000 seconds. Starting in 2010, the programme will initially experiment with a large fraction of LH current drive, delivering 2 MW for 60 seconds. Later in 2010 or in early 2011, experiments can be conducted at full current drive, supplying 4 MW for 1000 seconds and 2 MW for 60 seconds. Ion Cyclotron Radiofrequency Heating (ICRH), which comprises three antennas, can deliver an additional total power of 9 MW for 30 seconds and 3 MW for 1000 seconds. Furthermore, some of the diagnostics have been improved ahead of this experimental campaign. The experimental programme will concentrate on plasma core physics (current profiles of the new scenario, transport, MHD, etc.), plasma edge physics (start up, antenna characterisation, erosion/mitigation/ redeposition processes, etc.) as well as control and diagnostics developments.

Thanks to Danilo Pacella, EFDA, for his input