On May 7th, the Swiss Secretary of Science and Research, Dr. C. Kleiber accompanied by MM. C. Fischer, member of his Cabinet, and L. Berg, Head of Science and Technology at the Swiss Embassy in London, visited the JET facility. The Swiss delegation was welcomed by the EFDA Leader, Prof. M. Q. Tran, and by the EFDA Associate Leader for JET, Dr. J. Paméla. A presentation of EFDA and its role in the European Fusion Programme was given by M.Q. Tran. The unique capabilities of JET for preparing ITER operation and the scientific impact of the results were presented by J. Paméla. The way JET is collectively used by physicsts from all over Europe, in the spirit of the European Research Area, was highlighted. The presentation was followed by a tour of the facility, which allowed Dr. Kleiber and the delegation to realise the high level of technology required by fusion research.

Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, Director of UKAEA Fusion and Chairman of the *CCE-FU, joined the discussion and presented the needs to develop new energy sources to meet mankind’s need and the role of fusion in this perspective. The road-map towards the realisation of fusion (“the fast track”) and the on going process leading to the decision to construct ITER were discussed between the participants. Dr. Kleiber was greatly impressed by the challenge of harnessing fusion (“a trans-generation research” as he called it) and reaffirmed his support to the research in this field.

* CCE-FU means “Consultative Committee for the EURATOM Specific Research and Training Programme in the Field of Nuclear Energy Fusion “