The last set of experiments ended as planned on 23 October and shutdown work began immediately with a target date for pump down of 22 January 2011. We are now approximately half way through the first Remote-Handling phase of the shutdown, in which the JET divertor carriers will be removed from the machine and transported to the beryllium handling facility for refurbishment. Significant infrastructure enhancements have been and continue to be undertaken to support the in-vessel work, the divertor refurbishment and the assembly of in-vessel components. The process of tile removal is now well underway. The container used to transfer the removed tiles has now been back and forth between torus and handling facility, without any difficulties so as not to delay the in-vessel work. The rate of progress has accelerated as the wrinkles in the various procedures have been ironed out and it is still hoped that the in-vessel work can completed before the date shown in the baseline plan. Indeed, all other tasks in the shutdown are being planned on an accelerated schedule to ensure that they are ready to take advantage of any time gains achieved by the remote handling team.

The other main line in this shutdown is the upgrade to the neutral beam injection systems, including replacement of the Octant 4 & 8 duct scrapers with actively-cooled components, refurbishment of the two central support columns so that they can handle the increased power and the completion of the neutral injector exchange programme including testing and conditioning of modified injectors in the neutral beam test bed. Before the end of 2009 and ahead of schedule, both columns had been removed to the assembly hall, had been dried and were being leak-tested. More recently, both old inertially-cooled duct scrapers have been removed from the machine. The fact that this was possible has largely validated the decision to plan on a fully ex-vessel re-installation of the new actively-cooled scrapers, a change that should save one week in the overall shutdown plan.

Lorne Horton