On February 4 the Portuguese Secretary of State for Science and Innovation, Mr. Pedro Sampaio Nunes and the Head of his Cabinet, Mr. Pedro Cardoso e Cunha, visited the JET facility. Mr. Sampaio Nunes was welcomed by Dr. Jérôme Paméla, the EFDA Associate Leader for JET, Prof. Carlos Varandas, the Chairman of the EFDA Steering Committee and Head of the Research Unit of the Association EURATOM Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), Dr. Frank Briscoe, the Senior Manager of the JET Operations Contract and the members of the Portuguese EURATOM Association currently on the JET site Drs. Paula Belo, Duarte Borba, Bruno Gonçalves, Sebastian Hacquin, Filomena Nave, and Isabel Nunes. An introduction to the European Fusion Programme and EFDA was presented by C. Varandas, while J. Pamela gave a presentation on the role of JET, emphasising its unique capabilities for the preparation of ITER. D. Borba gave an overview of the involvement of IST in JET. The UKAEA fusion activities on the Culham site were described in a presentation by Mr. Frank Briscoe. The presentations were followed by a tour of the JET facility, which allowed the delegation to visit the remote handling facility, the torus hall and the microwave reflectometer diagnostic hardware installed in the diagnostic hall. An upgrade of this diagnostic is being performed under an enhancement lead by the Association EURATOM IST.

Mr. Sampaio Nunes showed great interest in the fusion programme and in the scientific and technical exploitation of JET under EFDA. He was also very pleased to see the hardware developments carried out in collaboration with IST. Mr. Sampaio Nunes and Mr. Cardoso e Cunha had lunch with the welcoming party where issues raised by the Portuguese young scientists were discussed, such as employment opportunities and career prospects in scientific research. The Portuguese Secretary of State for Science and Innovation was particularly impressed by the participation of IST staff in the JET campaigns and the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the IST scientists working at JET.