In 2000 the fabrication of the TFMC was completed by the European Consortium AGAN. The Intercoil Structure (ICS) was delivered in June 2000 to the Toroidal Coil Facility (TOSKA) test site at the Association EURATOMForschungszentrum Karlsruhe and the TFMC followed January 11, 2001. The TFMC was assembled with the ICS and set in a vertical position. This arrangement was lifted onto the gravitational support frame and assembled with the auxiliary structure. In the first test campaign this will replace the EU Large Coil Task (LCT) coil and the TFMC will be tested as single coil starting in June 2001 to provide key results until the end of the ITER EDA. Afterwards, in the second campaign until 2002, the TFMC will be tested in the background field of the LCT coil for achieving comparable mechanical stresses of the ITER full size coils.

Before the TFMC arrangement was lifted in the TOSKA vacuum vessel the coil instrumentation (voltage taps, temperature, pressure and flow sensors, displacement transducers, strain gauges) was carefully checked.

The electrical insulation was tested by DC, AC and pulse voltage up to 10 kV.

After the lifting of the arrangement in the TOSKA vacuum vessel a vacuum leak test is performed to assure that the whole arrangement has an overall leak tightness of 5 .10-7 mbarl/s.

When this specification is fulfilled, the arrangement will be connected to the cryogenic  and the electrical high current supply systems as well as to the data acquisition system. Specific equipment (2 kW refrigerator, 80 t crane, 80 kA power supply with discharge circuit, a modern measuring and control system for the cryogenic supply) was installed and commissioned for previous superconducting coil tests (LCT at forced flow He II operation at 1.8 K, test of the W 7-X prototype coil) in the years before. Two 80 kA current leads were developed and constructed for this test.