The 15th edition of the “Scientific Culture Week” promoted by the Education, University and Research Ministry took place in Italy between the 14th and 20th of March.

These events are considered important as they promote and test the ambitious project of the Government in its promise to guarantee a certified and updated scientific and technical information that will enhance Italy’s scientific value.

In the framework of the World Year of Physics, one of the themes was: “Energy as a basis of the modern society”.

At the ENEA Frascati Research Centre on March 14th an “Open Day” took place with talks on fusion and optical technologies, guided visits to the laboratories and to the FTU facility. A show was organised with interesting experiments in different fields such as superconductivity, optics with laser sources, biology and air pollution measurements.

The other days of the week were devoted to visits from schools.

More than 1500 people (students, teachers, single people and families of employees), 600 only for the “Open Day”, visited the centre. Many questions on safety, environmental impact and time scale of a future fusion power plant were addressed to the researchers, showing the great interest of the public in fusion as energy source.

The Scientific Culture Week’s aim was to diffuse a solid and critical technical scientific culture and to open communication and exchange channels between the human society (in primis the school) and the research world (Universities, Institutes,
Industry, etc).

More information on the ENEA Frascati Research Centre and on FTU is available at: