In mid December the revamped webpage went online. It contains new features such as RSS feeds for news and the “picture of the week”. Additional search functions in the news archive and on all pages should help users finding the information required. A procedure to request brochures easily has been added. The newsletter “JETInsight” now comes in hardcopy and online, providing additional information where suitable. Moreover its subscription procedure has been simplified.

In the three months since the new web page went online, the number of subscribers to JETInsight has been increased by 37 per cent. A closer look into the statistics reveals that users have immediately taken one feature on board which is the RSS Feed. Nearly 50 % enter the page through this service. For those of you who have never used RSS, you should give it a try. Its beauty is the easy way to keep updated whenever any new content appears on the page you subscribed for. The device is your choice; your computer, smart- or iPhone will do. A surprisingly high number of visits has been noticed in February with more than 14,000 unique visitors.

As speculation is allowed two new regularly items on the web page may have gathered increased interest in EFDA JET. As in previous issues of Fusion News reported, JET has entered a nonexperimental period, called shutdown. Some people (still) think JET won’t perform any experiments from now on. So we took the opportunity to set up the “shutdown weekly” to inform on what is going on at the JET Facility during a 65 week duration of maintenance and upgrading. The other new feature is the “picture of the week” which highlights different aspects of the fusion facility each week.

The revamp of the EFDA JET webpage represents the first step to improve the pages for more and more people who turn their back on traditional media. Now, with a comfortable Content Management System in use, it is easy to tailor the Web page according to users’ likes and dislikes. Suggestions are welcome!

Petra Nieckchen, EFDA-JET