On the special edition of Fusion in Europe, written by fusion writers, we received plenty of feedback.

“Exciting and important about our future energy”,
Ulrika Steiner, Communications expert for growth, research utilities and housing in Europe via Twitter).

“I found this a tremendously interesting post and think the case you make for ‘why DEMO matters’ is a strong one.”(Rohan Nuttall, physics student at the University of British Columbia (Canada) in a mail to Amro Bader, author of DEMO and the road to fusion power.)
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“I just wanted to check Dario’s article to learn about the fusion project. As a person working in a non-scientific field, I found the article easy to read and smart. It is very interesting to know and understand such fascinating project.” (Julián Ávila, lawyer, Legal Shared Services Director, AON Colombia, commenting on the article Ceramics: from ancient pottery to future fusion plants  from author Darío Andrés Cruz Malagón.

This issue of Fusion in Europe was an excellent initiative. It is very encouraging to see young people actively participating in Fusion research. The variety of topics covered, as well as the diversity among the authors, made this edition very interesting to read.(Angel Ibarra, head of the Fusion Technology Division, CIEMAT)

“Dear editors, Just a quick thank you for the great Fusion in Europe issue. It is really fresh, interesting, and *current* in feel and perspective. Very well done!”
Lynne Degitz, US ITER, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Letter to the editor


Reader John Wesson replies to the article “Lawson’s criterion: making Fusion simple”


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