After a successful 2008 experimental campaign, the European Reversed Field Pinch RFX-mod held its 2009 Programme Seminar on January 20- 22, 2009 in Padova. The seminar followed an open call for experimental proposals, which resulted in more than 130 proposals submitted to 4 task forces by various European Associations and international collaborators. Proposals came also from tokamak laboratories in the EU, Japan and USA, interested in MHD active control experiments. RFX is equipped with a state of the art system for feedback control of MHD stability and is collaborating with several laboratories. A lively debate allowed to build an exciting programme for 2009.

This effort is part of the RFX’s goal to provide a facility open to the needs of the international community, and to realize an experimental programme, which is fully integrated in the European effort. This is realized in a research environment strongly committed to training and education, and tightly connected to universities.

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Piero Martin