On 6 November 2003 the ceremony for the re-opening of the RFX facility took place in Padova (Italy), upon conclusion of its reconstruction.

The opening was attended by the Major of Padova City, Mrs. G. Destro, the President of Confindustria Veneto (the regional industrial federation) Dr. L. Rossi Luciani, as well as by cultural and industrial representatives.

Introductory remarks were given by the partners of Consorzio RFX (CNR, ENEA and Università di Padova), represented by the Commissioner of CNR, Prof. A. De Maio, the Rector of the Padova University, Prof. V. Milanesi, and by the Director of ENEA UTS Fusion, Dr. M. Samuelli. Euratom was represented by the EFDA Associate Leader for Technology, Dr. R. Andreani.

Prof. F. Gnesotto, Head of the Padova Research Unit and Director of Consorzio RFX, presented the most significant technological aspects of the new facility and the modified machine, together with the key elements of the scientific programme to be performed on RFX.

Prof. G. Rostagni, President of Consorzio RFX, described the reconstruction with its difficulties and successes and in particular stressed the dedicated commitment of the whole research team and the industries involved. Thanks to their effort, the future for RFX now offers more operational flexibility.

Collaboration between industry and research was the theme of the presentations that followed; in particular the importance of a strategy towards a greater synergy among research, industry and economy was emphasised by Prof. De Maio.

On visiting the new facility, the participants to the event could appreciate the results of the activity undertaken by the RFX team who, after the fire of December 1999, promptly reacted with strong determination.

The event was an opportunity to thank those who gave their contribution to the success of the reconstruction and improvement of the RFX device.

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