Cadarache fulfills all ITER requirements. This is the conclusion of the first step of the ITER site studies that has now been completed and the documentation delivered to EFDA in November 2001. A Preliminary analysis of the safety and environmental impact around Cadarache (“Dossier d’Options de Sûreté”) has been carried out.

The doses expected for the local population for both normal operation and accidental events are very low, in comparison with the recommendations issued by ICPR (International Committee for Radiologic Protection).

The second step of the European ITER Site Studies (EISS 2) will involve many Associations, and has now been launched. The main objective of this second step is to perform all activities that are on the critical path to the siting of ITER at Cadarache. This includes the writing of the “RPrS – Rapport Préliminaire de Sûreté” (preliminary safety report), a mandatory document for the licensing process. RPrS will describe the installation, present the safety objectives and propose the technical options and the scope of these objectives. Further steps will be the specification of the required site adaptations, and the realization of the “Débat Public”, a key element of the public participation process.

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