On the 18th of April, Dr Odair Dias Gonçalves, President of the National Commission for Nuclear Energy of Brazil, Dr Paulo Wrobel, Adviser of Science and Technology, Embassy of Brazil and Minister Ana Maria Sampaio Fernandes, Head of Economic and Commercial Sector of the Embassy visited the JET facility. Dr Odair Dias Gonçalves was welcomed by Dr Michael Watkins representing the EFDA Associate Leader for JET (Jerome Paméla), Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, Chairman of the EURATOM Consultative Committee for Fusion and Head of the EURATOM-UKAEA research unit, Dr Pascal Lallia European Commission, representing Energy Research Director Pablo Fernandez Ruiz, Dr Chris Carpenter and Dr Duarte Borba.

The following tour of the JET facility allowed the delegation to visit the control room, the remote handling and tritium storage facilities.

After some introductory discussions, Sir C. Llewellyn Smith presented fusion and the Fast Track approach while M.Watkins explained the role of JET, emphasising its unique capabilities for the preparation of ITER.

Dr Odair Dias Gonçalves showed a great interest in fusion research and on the possibilities for Brazil to co-operate on fusion with EURATOM, in particular on possible participation in the EFDA JET Workprogramme and in ITER.