In September 2005 about 50 participants will gather in the Mechelerhof (Mechelen, The Netherlands) for the seventh edition of the Carolus Magnus Summer School (CMSS) on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics, a 2-week training event. Typically 60 lectures are given, the didactic material of which is subsequently published in a special issue of Fusion Science and Technology as well as on the Internet, with a 6 months delay to respect copyright restrictions.

The biennial CMSS teaching initiative of the partners of the Trilateral Euregio Cluster or TEC (the Institut für Plasmaphysik of the Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany, the FOM-Instituut “Rijnhuizen” near Utrecht in The Netherlands and the Laboratory for Plasma Physics housed in the Belgian Royal Military School in Brussels) had already been organized at several locations. The last one was Brussels (Belgium) in 2003.

Most of the speakers are from one of the TEC partners, but external specialists treat subjects falling outside the main focus of the cluster’s expertise. This year one of the evening lectures will be devoted to ITER. There will also be a talk on space weather, governed by 3-D MHD phenomena. The summer school is not a pure one-way teaching initiative. The students themselves are invited to present their own work in two poster sessions, and the evenings and coffee breaks allow for lively discussions.

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Treated subjects range from basic principles of magnetic confinement, heating, equilibrium and instabilities, classical and neo-classical transport as well as kinetic theory, clear up to leading-edge and occasionally far from fully understood fusion physics topics such as anomalous transport and internal transport barriers. The curriculum of the school is continuously adapted to keep in pace with recent developments and even future needs.

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