The Deputy Director of the Agence ITER France and former leader of the European ITER Site Studies, Pascal Garin, has been nominated Leader of the IFMIF-EVEDA project. The Engineering Validation and Engineering design Activities (EVEDA) of the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF) is part of the Broader Approach Agreement between the EU and Japan. IFMIF will be an accelerator-based neutron irradiation facility focussing on developing fusion reactor materials.

The EVEDA phase of IFMIF will be jointly conducted by Europe and Japan, the location of the Joint Team being Rokkasho, Japan. The validation process consists of the design, manufacturing and test of three prototypes: the low energy part of one of the two accelerators, the lithium target and the test facilities, in particular to simulate in realistic conditions the future materials. The budget for the project amounts to 150 million Euro for the EVEDA programme and one billion Euro for the construction of IFMIF. 16 professionals and 14 support staff will help Garin in getting the project started.

By May this year, the new project leader plans to move. Even though this means a big change to his life, he is glad to return to science. “Even though I am going away, it is like coming back.” Until he leaves sunny Provence, Pascal Garin is eagerly learning Japanese. The language — one of the many challenges he has to face.