ITER: halfway to first plasma

We are expecting to hear more good news from ITER next year. In December 2017, the largest fusion experiment to come had announced the completion of an important milestone: 50 percent of the total construction work through First Plasma is done! The passing of this milestone reflects “the collective contribution and commitment of ITER’s seven Members,” writes Director-General Bernard Bigot in a letter to all participating nations.


COMPASS upgrade

You know these days that small tweets can contain big news: EUROfusion’s Czech Research Unit receives 31.5 million Euros funding from their Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in order to upgrade their tokamak Compass. Once the work is completed, the European fusion consortium is considering to test a new way of plasma exhaust, namely the concept of a liquid divertors, in Prague.


Chinese-European Cooperation developing

The cooperation between European fusion research and its counterparts in China is developing further. In August, representatives from China visited the EUROfusion offices in Garching. They were eager to learn about the setup of EUROfusion’s programme. Some days earlier they had already visited Fusion for Energy’s headquarter in Barcelona. Those meetings in Europe are a direct result from the Technology Management Plan which has been signed at the Fusion Energy Conference 2016 in Kyoto, Japan. The European team is eagerly looking forward to returning the visit. In January, a 24 person large delegation from EUROfusion delegates will be welcomed at the he Chinese Center for Fusion Science of the Southwestern Institute of Physics (SWIP) in Chengdu. Picture:EUROfusion