As expected and without delay, on the 1st of September the EFDA Close Support Unit office in Barcelona (Spain) was officially opened and became operational. Located in the new business district of the city, denominated 22@, the new office enjoys a superb location in front of the Mediterranean Sea. This unit, which should gather European scientists working in support of the ITER project, will have the principal task of assuring the management of the site preparation in Cadarache in the frame of EISS (European ITER Site Study).

The inauguration of the headquarters of the EFDA-CSU Barcelona was attended by the unit coordinator, E. Di Pietro, and by J. Sanchez, the Director of the Fusion National Laboratory at the local supporting organization, CIEMAT (Energy, Environmental and Technological Research Centre of the Spanish Government).

L. Rodriguez, responsible for the safety and the licensing documentation of ITER, and M. Mills, in charge of the CAD/Drawing office, were present, as well as the first professionals who have already started work on the project.

After the decision taken at the 27th EFDA Steering Committee in April 2005 and following the international agreement on June 28th to site the ITER project in Cadarache (France), EFDA, the European Commission, the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain, and the City Council of Barcelona joined forces to prepare for the timely start of the EFDA CSU Barcelona office. Thanks to the commitment of all those involved the deadline was successfully met.

We wish our colleagues a good start in their new work!