… concluded one Fusion Expo visitor when considering the cost of fusion research. A field report by the organisers.

I was really baffled that fusion can produce suchan incredible amount of energy. I had considered  nuclear fission power large, but now fusion strikes me as much more impressive.


Between 1 and 10 March 2011, Fusion Expo opened its doors at the Vienna University of Technology. During ten exciting days, we welcomed around 40 school classes and a total of 2,000 visitors, among them lots of university students. The many young people that came to the exhibition really made it a success. Our youngest visitor came in his buggy and the oldest with her walking stick. The pensioner stayed for almost three hours, talked to all guides and loved the interactive 3D-film. As far as we know, there was only one disappointed visitor – he wanted to register for the Nobel Prize.

On the first day, after assembly, one of the porters of the University revealed that he had already been following fusion for a while: “Where did you find such a great exhibition?Please stay longer!” Unfortunately we could not stay longer. Hosting Fusion Expo is an interesting and great experience. It takes a lot of preparation, but all in all it is
great fun.

Anna Kantner, Monika Fischer