Notes from the 9th EFDA PWI Task Force meeting

Between the 3rd and 5th November, the European Task Force Plasma Wall Interaction (EU PWI-TF) met at Vienna Technical University. Hosted by the Austrian Association EURATOM-OEAW, the event drew almost 50 participants (representatives from individual EURATOM Associations, EFDA and other European and international organisations). The agenda covered the most urgent PWI- (Photo: F. Aumayr, TU Wien) related issues for ITER and the progress
made during the last year.

The discussions concentrated on fuel retention and removal, dust in fusion devices, the effect of material mixing arising from the parallel use of beryllium, carbon and tungsten and the impact of transient and steady state power deposition on erosion and integrity of plasma facing components. One of the hot topics, and one which touches on most of the fields mentioned above, is the effect of the injection of nitrogen into the plasma edge for the reduction of power loads. Although details are still under discussion, promising results have been obtained for plasma behaviour which are combined with a negligible influence on the plasma facing material. The programme for the next two years was developed in conjunction with colleagues from the ITER Organization and from non-European institutes. The meeting clearly profited from perfect organisation by the Austrian hosts and the inspiring architecture of the university’s festival hall.

Rudolf Neu, PWI Task Force Leader