Dr. Florin Spineanu was appointed Head of the Fusion Research Unit of the Association EURATOM-MEdC at the Steering Committee Meeting in 8 October 2008. Florin Spineanu has graduated from the Faculty of Physics (1977) and the Faculty of Mathematics (1986) of the University of Bucharest, Romania and obtained his PhD in 1992. He has done basic research on the statistical physics of anomalous transport, instabilities and transport in thermonuclear plasma, including numerical simulations. In recent years he has focused on coherent structures and organized flows, using particularly powerful methods of field theory formalism and integrability theory. He is currently working on the theory of L to H transition, Edge Localized Modes and density pinch in various regimes of tokamak. F. Spineanu has published 65 papers in international refereed journals, many in collaboration with groups from France, Belgium, Italy, Japan, USA.

In November 2008 Prof. Dr. Ir. Michael Van Schoor was appointed Director of the Belgian research unit LPP ERM/KMS. Prof. Van Schoor is a polytechnical engineer by training and is a former Air Force Officer. In 1990 he was appointed at the Physics Department of the Royal Military Academy in Brussels and became involved in fusion research, where he did research work on topics like edge turbulence, plasma rotation, biasing and confinement. He became professor in 2003 and is now also head of the Physics Department.

Dr Gabriel Marbach was appointed Head of the Research Unit at CEA on 1 November 2008. Dr Marbach graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris as a mechanical engineer in 1972 and he also got a degree in solid and material physics. He received his PhD in material behaviour in Orsay in 1976. After starting work for CEA, Dr Marbach headed a group in charge of development and operation of fuel for fast breeder reactors between 1978 and 1988. Then he was the leader of the instrumentation and design laboratory for fast breeder reactors until 1995. From 1996 to 2000 he was involved in the coordination of technical and safety activities for fusion at the nuclear reactor division at CEA and contributed to the ITER project as a European expert for nuclear integration and safety. Dr Marbach was Deputy Head of the Department of Controlled Fusion Researchfrom 2001 to November 2008.