In January 2008 Dr. Octavi Quintana Trias was appointed Director of Directorate J, Energy (Euratom) of the Research Directorate General.

Dr. Quintana Trias is a physician by training and was director of one of the largest hospitals in Spain. As a specialist in quality assurance in health care, he had a number of management responsibilities in the Spanish National Health System. He was responsible for the devolution of health care facilities to the regions; he was also Director of International Affairs at the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Dr. Quintana Trias has sound experience in international relations. He was inter alia advisor to the WHO on Health Management issues, Chairman of the Steering Committee on Bioethics of the Council of Europe and Vice-Chairman of the European Group on Ethics. From May 2002 to January 2008, Dr. Quintanta Trias was Director for Health Research in the European Commission’s Research Directorate-General. In this position, he successfully set up one of the first Joint Undertakings of the EC research programme.