In order to maintain the expertise that has placed the EU fusion programme at the forefront of international research on fusion energy, the European fusion research community, the FP7 Euratom Workprogramme 2007, has made provision for three Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) on fusion data management, material research and educational affairs respectively, with a total budget of five Million Euros.

The aim of this effort is to bring together a range of organisations active in this area, including newcomers on the periphery of the fusion community, to identify and provide access to key facilities and to promote joint initiatives. “By this we want to open up new avenues for cooperation to fulfil the objectives of the programme“, Yvan Capouet, Head of the Fusion Association Agreements Unit at the European Commission, said during an information workshop focussing on materials research, held at the EFDA Close Support Unit in Garching on March 2.

In particular, the CSA on materials research aims

  • to bring together a range of organisations in materials research
  • to identify key facilities outside the program
  • to provide conditions for mutual access for various research communities to these facilities
  • to promote joint collaborative initiatives and the joint funding with other parts of the programme
  • to enhance material development by cross field materials activities
  • to support the mobility of materials researchers and their access to the fusion facilities

Similar objectives are defined for the other two actions. The three competitive calls for proposals for the funding mechanisms will be issued on the 22nd of May, with a deadline for proposal submission ending on October 23. These calls aim at strengthening the interfaces of the fusion community with related scientific communities. They are open to the Euratom Associations, universities, and other bodies involved in the field including newcomers.

In order to provide the relevant information involving the Associations, a third Workshop on educational affairs will be held in Brussels on March 29, 2007 while the first one on fusion data took place on February 23.

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