Some of the nearly 600 persons who paid a visit to JET between from December through February:

  • 280 school students, along with 29 teachers, visited the facilities.
  • About 110 university students and scientists from various disciplines visited JET/CCFE.
  • 20 industry representatives came for tours and discussions.

Vicky Ford, Francesco Romanelli and Steve CowleyVicky Ford (Member of the European Parliament for the East of England) and Richard Ashworth (MEP for the South East of England) visited the JET and CCFE on 20 February and had discussions with EFDA Leader Francesco Romanelli and CCFE director Steve Cowley. Long-time MEP Richard Ashworth has keen interest in fusion and has been to Culham before. He is member of the parliament’s Budget Committee, which was instrumental in agreeing extra funds for ITER back in December. Vicky Ford serves her first period as MEP and also came to Culham for the first time. She is keen to learn more about fusion, as she is member of the parliament’s committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), which assesses long term R&D priorities in Europe.

picture of Visitors at JET January 2012In January JET welcomed Mr Hiroshi Kataoka, a senior official of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) (Mr Kataoka is Director of the International Nuclear and Fusion Energy Affairs Division, Research and Development Bureau of MEXT). With him came Dr Hideyuki Takatsu, newly appointed Chair of the ITER Council and Deputy Director General of the Japanese Domestic Agency for ITER. The delegation toured the JET facilities and spent a morning with EFDA Leader Francesco Romanelli, Lorne Horton and Duarte Borba of EFDA as well as Tim Jones from CCFE. Francesco Romanelli congratulated Dr Takatsu on his election as Chair of the ITER Council and Dr Takatsu acknowledged the strong focus of the JET Programme on the key scientific issues for the operation of ITER. With its ITER-Like Wall and its capability to operate with tritium, JET plays a central role for all ITER partners to gain knowledge for the operation of ITER.