Mr Sampaio Nunes
On February 4th the Portuguese Secretary of State for Science and Innovation, Mr Sampaio Nunes and the Head of his Cabinet, Mr Pedro Cardoso e Cunha, visited the JET facility. Mr Sampaio Nunes was welcomed by the EFDA Associate Leader for JET Dr. Jérôme Paméla, the Chairman of the EFDA steering committee and Head of the EURATOM/Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) Association Prof. Carlos. Varandas, the Senior Manager of the JET Operations Contract Dr Frank Briscoe and six members of the EURATOM/ IST Association currently on the JET site. Mr Sampaio Nunes was particularly interested in the microwave guides and data acquisition system developed in collaboration with IST, and highly appreciated the participation of IST staff in the JET campaigns and the dedication and enthusiasm showed by the IST scientists working at JET.