cover of MAT21 magazineIn the Czech Republic, the project “Materials for the New Millenium (MAT21)” brings science closer to primary and secondary school students. It supports school activities such as study projects or amateur and hobby circles with videos, lectures for students and for teachers or visit-days. Covering fusion and some materials science, IPP Prague participates in the programme and contributes to the project’s magazine, MAT21. Published four times a year, MAT21 covers mainly the fields of astronomy and fusion. It is distributed to libraries, hobby circles and to project partners. IPP also plans to host Fusion Expo in connection to MAT21 next year.
The MAT21 project is funded by the Czech Ministry of education, youth and sports, partly with support by the European Social Fund. It started in July 2012 and will last for two years. Vitkovice, a Czech R&D company, is the main sponsor of the MAT21 project.