The 2001 experimental campaign on the MAST (Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak) at Culham was completed on 16th November. An important achievement during the campaign was the first injection of Deuterium Neutral Beam power into the plasma (up to 1.5 MW) with neutron emissions consistent with predictions.

The multiple pellet injector (donated by the Association EURATOM- FOM and installed with the assistance of the Association EURATOM- Risø) injec- ted Deuterium pellets into the plasma and successfully fuelled the plasma core for the first time.

Furthermore the access to Hmode regimes with higher energy confinement times was improved. The results from these experiments helped to distinguish bet- ween different Hmode threshold scaling laws.

A new Thomson Scattering diagnostic was commissioned which provided accurate measurements of the electron densi- ty and temperature over 300 spatial points.

The next experimental campaign will start in February 2002 and will feature experiments directly relevant to ITER and the improved understanding of Spherical Tokamak Physics.

Foundation for Fundamental Research and Matter.

Risø is a national Danish laboratory in Roskilde (Denmark) under the Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Thomson Scattering diagnostic:
To measure temperature and density by detecting laser light scattered and Doppler shifted by the plasma electrons.