Ansaldo (Genoa, Italy) has been involved in the European Fusion Programme since the Eighties, in particular the Magnet Department which is now a separate company named Ansaldo Superconduttori. They manufactured the resistive and superconducting coils for most of the European experiments on fusion, such as ASDEX Upgrade, Tore Supra, Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (FTU) and COMPASS. In the past, Ansaldo was also involved in design and assessment work related to magnet coils for future fusion devices (NET, ALCATOR C, TJ-2). It currently also works as a subcontractor for EFET (European Fusion Engineering and Technology), which is a consortium of nuclear systems companies from seven European countries working on the design, R&D and feasibility assessment of ITER.

The most recent major project for fusion research was the design of the ITER prototype TFMC (Toroidal Field Model Coil), which was issued in 1995. The order for the manufacturing of the coil was awarded to the AGAN consortium (Ansaldo, GEC Alstom, ACCEL, Noell) in 1996. During the AGAN internal discussion, Ansaldo was chosen to undertake the winding react, transfer and impregnation of the TFMC double pancakes. This was one of the more critical jobs in the commissioning schedule, and took into consideration Ansaldo’s previous experience in the construction of such toroidal field coils.

Ansaldo started with a series of tests to check the fabrication technology. Several problems had to be solved after the first winding test and during the construction of the dummy pancake and the full scale joint sample. The last of the five double pancakes was delivered to Alstom in May 1999. The final assessment of the design andconstruction method could only be made some years later with the cold test at FzK (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany) where the first cryogenic tests were successfully performed in 2001. During this time, Ansaldo Superconduttori has continued to gain experience in the construction and impregnation of very large superconducting coils (up to 25 m), a very important expertise for the future manufacturing of the ITER coils.

The company is now involved in the jacketing of 60 m of a NbTi Conductor for the con-struction of the PF conductor insert coil and in the construction of the non-planar coils for Wendelstein 7-X, again in co-operation with Noell.

The history of ANSALDO Superconduttori S.p.A. starts with the construction of yokes for dipole magnets of the PS at CERN; at that time the name of the Company was ANSALDO San Giorgio.

The so-called “Magnet Unit” became one of the first European Companies able to design and produce large size superconducting magnets;

The “Magnet Unit” was organized with independent design and manufacturing teams, in coincidence of important contracts in High Energy Physics & Fusion research.

Some other products were developed inside the “Unit” with involvement of new important technologies.

At present:
ANSALDO Superconduttori is a company of about 80 people, having orders in the research field, where fusion represents about 50% of the total production, starting from 1983 on

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