Dr. C.M. (Kees) Braams was the founder and the first director of the FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen from 1959 until his retirement in 1987. On October 7th his significance for the Institute and for the international fusion research was commemorated at Rijnhuizen with a ceremony and the inauguration of a bronze plaquette of Kees Braams.

About 150 visitors, mainly scientists who had worked with Kees Braams, participated in the event, many from abroad. The six speakers memorated many aspects of Kees Braams. “The atmosphere of intellectual freedom, the encouragement of creativity and inquisitiveness, the friendliness of human relations of this place stemmed to a great part from the character of its founder Kees Braams.”, said Prof. C. Schüller, who followed Kees Braams as ‘Mister Fusion’ in the Netherlands.

Among the foreign guests were many representatives of the international fusion community, among whom Dr. D. Palumbo (80), the first director of the European Fusion programme.

All speakers, Prof. P. Vandenplas, Dr. U. Finzi, Dr. P. Stott, Prof. F. Engelmann and Prof. C. Schüller, stressed the important role Kees Braams played in uniting the European Fusion Programme, and his role as one of the founding fathers of JET. From the speeches, a picture emerged of a gentleman of physics with a sharp intellect, critical but able to listen, with a profound knowledge of physics and acute diplomatic skills.

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