In many respects the European Fusion programme is a model for the European Research Area. The experience the EU hasgained in managing a highly complex scientific and technological programme such as JET gives us confidence to embark, in partnership with the leading fusion programmes throughout the world, on the next step towards the realisation of fusion

Commissioner Potocnik at JET facilities, 3rd March 2005

The European Commissioner for Research Janez Potocnik made his first visit to the JET facilities on 3rd March together with Members of Cabinet, Mr Matjaz Malgaj, Mrs Charlotte Haentzel and his spokeswoman Antonia Mochan. The Commissioner was given presentations by Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith (Chairman of CCE-FU, the Consultative Committee for EURATOM-Fusion) on Fusion and the Fast Track, Prof Carlos Varandas (Chairman of the EFDA Steering Committee) gave a talk on EFDA and the role of the Associations in the fusion programme followed by a presentation on JET by Dr Jérôme Paméla (EFDA Associate Leader for JET). After a tour of the JET Facilities, which included a visit to the Torus Hall, Remote Handling and Tritium Storage facility, Dr Janez Potocnik addressed about 150 fusion Scientists working at Culham. The speech was also broadcasted to other EFDA partners including Cadarache and Garching through the JET computer network system and internet. A meeting with all the chairmen of the fusion Committees, led by Dr Alex Bradshaw, and with EFDA Leadership concluded the afternoon visit.