Sunday, 7th August 2005 at Clifton Hampden Cricket Ground.

This year the Clifton Hampden Cricket Ground was again the venue for the annual JET/Culham Cricket match. The aim of this event is as always twofold, to have an enjoyable time and more importantly to teach “continentals” how to play a proper sport, the all-English Cricket.

Departing from the traditional format, the captains opted for two randomly selected teams, imaginatively called the Home Team (Captain Alan Hancock) and the Away Team (Captain Marc Beurskens). Each team contained an unconventional 16 players and every player had the opportunity to try bowling and batting. Thanks to the highly respected and experienced umpire Barry Alper, fair play was the order of the day.

The Home Team lost by 28 runs due to Michael Fitzgerald and Adam Foster in the Away Team, who could actually play cricket and scored 20 runs each. The attractive winning trophy was presented to the proud captain of the Away-Team (see photo).