On 23rd January 2006, the EFDA Associate Leader for JET Dr Jérôme Paméla presented the JET 2005 report and future programme in a seminar at the JET site. In his talk, Dr Paméla outlined the most recent news regarding fusion, the 2005 JET main events and scientific highlights, the 2006 JET programme, and planning beyond 2006.

“2005 was a key year for fusion with the decision on siting ITER in Cadarache taken by the parties on 28 June 2005. India joined in November and ITER negotiations were completed in December 2005. The negotiation with Japan led to other projects being jointly prepared between the European Union and Japan, the so-called ‘Broader Approach’, a very good opportunity for faster development of fusion,”

Jérôme Paméla

Some of the scientific results obtained at JET in 2005, which were outlined in the talk, are presented in this Bulletin. The current European fusion research strategy, reflected in the longer-term planning for JET, was also described in detail. In the upcoming campaigns significant enhancement of the JET facility, towards higher power with the ITER-like plasma shape will allow JET to perform important experiments in preparation of ITER. At the end of this year, an ITER-like ICRH Antenna is to be installed which will open new scope for reactor-relevant research at JET. These experiments shall be followed by the installation of an ITER-like first wall scheduled for 2008 (see the June 2005 JET Bulletin).