Jérôme Paméla
On 11 September 2006, in the fi rst plenary session of the 24th Symposium on Fusion Technology in Warsaw (SOFT 2006), the EFDA Leader Dr Jérôme Paméla presented the multi-annual “JET programme in support of ITER”. In his contribution, Dr Paméla said: “The JET programme in support of ITER has been designed with the aim to provide signifi cant advances and solutions to the ITER-related key research areas by exploiting JET’s unique capability to handle tritium and beryllium.” In order to meet this target, it was underlined that the JET programme had been elaborated in a coherent approach along the following 3 main axes:

  1. experimentation with an ITER-like wall,
  2. development of plasma confi gurations and parameters towards the most ITER-relevant conditions achievable today,
  3. integrated experimentation in deuterium-tritium.

Dr Paméla concluded that the comprehensive set of enhancements of the JET facilities is planned “in order to consistently, effectively and effi ciently address” what he sees as ”the corner stone of fusion: the compatibility between plasma operation and the surrounding materials.”