“JET is very important for the future when the fossil fuels are used up”

concluded Zheng Ze, one of twenty one distinguished Chinese students who visited Culham as part of a study tour to the UK. Zheng Ze and his colleagues are among China’s brightest science and engineering students – each of them had been the best of their province in their final science and engineering exams. Now they are studying a range of scientific and engineering disciplines at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, including electrical engineering, bioscience, mathematics, physics and computer science. Tsinghua University is often ranked as the first or second best university on mainland China in many national and international rankings. 

picture of Chinese students at their visit at JET

Picture: EFDA

CCFE head of communications, Chris Warrick, introduced the young visitors to fusion before they went on a tour of JET. Apart from the machine itself, the remote handling unit raised much interest: “The arm is so long, I’m amazed it never falls down” exclaimed Qui Fan.

“Our time at JET gave us enough motivation to pursue our dreams”

picture of Azza Faiad, et al on their visit to JET

From left: Nourwanda Sourour, Rasha Dewedar, Azza Faiad, (Picture: EFDA)

In July Azza Faiad from Egypt, prize winner in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists visited JET. Azza and seven colleagues were top-ranking students from a total of 87 science projects in 37 countries. EIROforum, the partnership among Europe’s eight largest international laboratories, awarded each winner a week’s stay at their institutions. Azza’s project explored the methods of reprocessing plastic waste into usable hydrocarbons using catalytic cracking.

Azza was accompanied by, Nourwanda Sourour, an eighth term Gas and Petrochemicals Engineering student, who also acted as mentor to Azza’s project. Freelance journalist Rasha Dewedar also joined the duo to report on their life-changing experience.

picture of Azza Faiad et al at JET

From left: Rasha Dewedar, Nourwanda Sourour, Azza Faiad (Picture: EFDA)

The three toured the various facilities at JET – had a go at the in-vessel training facility and took the opportunity to chat with researchers about their careers. “It is the first time that I have seen such a huge collaboration!” said Azza. “People from all over Europe work towards one goal, like one family.” About her meeting with JET scientist Joelle Vallory, Azza wrote in her report: “It was so inspiring to hear her story, she is an exceptional role model. On this visit, were given enough motivation to pursue our dream and believing that everything is possible and could be conducted by strong will and creative thinking.”