Dear Reader

This newly designed successor to t he “EFDA-JET Bulletin” is dedicated to a special occasion: the 25th Anniversary of JET’s first plasma. The continuous success of the JET Experiment since its first plasma on 25 June 1983 has made it possible, 25 years later, to look back at that very exciting beginning and the subsequent milestones set by JET in International Fusion Research. Together with many of those who contributed to JET’s coming to life, and various other JET contributors including former directors it has been a great delight to share the satisfactory feeling of taking part in a European success story. JET has fulfilled all its original objectives and this is clearly illustrated by its numerous achievements since day-one. However, I am more than happy to say that JET can deliver more, especially in view of ITER. This is the reason why JET is now on the threshold of completing a substantial upgrade and preparing for experiments which should deliver answers to urgent ITER-relevant questions. JET should then be in the position to demonstrate the controlled release of fusion power production. This will be possible with parameters and within an environment closest to ITER conditions. The full exploitation of these capabilities requires the extension of JET operation until 2014. I am confident that the intellectual diversity and richness from which this European experiment is benefiting will help to continue the success story and provide a testbed for the culture of international collaboration upon which the success of ITER entirely relies. Yours sincerely.

Francesco Romanelli

I am confident that the intellectual diversity and richness that JET is benefiting from will help to continuing the success story.