cover of Physics World
The March issue of the Institue of Physics magazine, Physics World, carries an 8 page special feature on JET. The article describes, for a general physics audience, how the research programme now, and in the future, is concentrating on critical ITER issues. An interview with ITER’s new director general, Kaname Ikeda appears in the same edition. Fusion made it to the front cover of the magazine, which has a circulation of about 50,000 worldwide. The article was commissioned by Physics World and has been co-written by Richard Pitts, Richard Buttery and Simon Pinches, currently leaders of JET Task Forces E, S1 and M respectively. The authors would like to thank the JET EFDA contributors and in particular the following people for their assistance in preparing this article: Vasili Kiptily, Xavier Litaudon, Paola Mantica, Jan Mlynar, Olivier Sauter, Sergei Sharapov, Tuomas Tala and Mark Woollard.