Some of the nearly 1400 persons who paid a visit to JET from July through November:

  • More than 200 members /representative of European industry came for tours and discussions.
  • Nearly 300 school students, along with 30 teachers, visited the facilities.
  • More than 250 university students and nearly 200 scientists from various disciplines attended tours, seminars or summer schools at JET/CCFE.

picture of representatives of Siemens AG visiting JETOn 25 October, JET was pleased to welcome eight high-level representatives of Siemens AG. Dr Reinhold Achatz, the Head of Siemens’ global research organisation Corporate Research and Technologies (CT), Professor Hubertus von Dewitz, representative of Siemens’ Chief Technology Office, CT experts for new technologies and concepts as well as members of the board of Siemens Industry UK, joined Dr Lorne Horton, Head of the EFDA JET Department and Dr Liz Surrey, Head of Beamline Physics at CCFE for a tour of Europe’s largest fusion experiment. Throughout 2011, JET has welcomed various high tech engineering companies and conglomerates, which demonstrates the continuing interest in the range of technologies being developed at JET.

“As a strong player in the field of conventional and sustainable energy solutions, Siemens is interested in fusion as a potential future energy source. I am engaged in the European Fusion Industry Innovation Forum with the aim to intensify the links between fusion research and industry, to foster the education of experts who will build future fusion power plants and to contribute to the definition of a demonstration power plant, which EFDA carries out in dialogue with industry. Just like the Apollo space programme triggered innovations, which brought immense progress to society, technologies developed by fusion research will be highly interesting for other fields of application. Heat resistant materials based on tungsten, are just one such example. They generate considerable interest in numerous applications, for instance in gas turbines.”

Hubertus von Dewitz, Siemens Chief Technology Office

picture of Dutch science journalists visiting JETNine Dutch science journalists visited JET on 1 November, accompanied by representatives of the Dutch EURATOM-Association. The visit was organised by the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics in order to advertise fusion in general and the newly upgraded JET facility in particular. EFDA-Leader Francesco Romanelli welcomed the group and presented the history of fusion and the new capabilities of JET. Tony Donné, Head of Research Unit of the Association Euratom-FOM, followed up with a talk about how Dutch fusion research lines up with the JET and the ITER programmes. Then the group had a tour of the torus hall and surrounding areas. Highlights were on-site talks about the upgraded neutral beams, remote handling and diagnostics, the new ITER-Like-Wall, and the JET control room. A networking lunch, including Dutch staff working at JET, rounded up the event and gave the visitors the chance to make interview appointments with the JET staff.
Gieljan de Vries, MSc, FOM