Delegations from Canada, the European Union, Japan and the Russian Federation met in Moscow on April 7-12, 2002 to continue formal negotiations on the joint implementation of the ITER project. This was the third Negotiation meeting in a series that is expected to lead, by the end of 2002, to the text of an international agreement for the joint implementation of ITER.

The delegations discussed a number of technical issues such as the site selection process, approaches to the procurement allocation, and the structure of the eventual international organization of ITER.

The European Union Delegation reported that there has been a decision by the Spanish Government to offer a candidature for the European siting of ITER at Vandellós, near Barcelona. The licensing procedure concerning the possible siting of ITER in Cadarache has been launched. The European Delegation said that once it has a full negotiating mandate, the EU proposal(s) would be submitted to the other Delegations for consideration.
The next meeting of the Negotiators will be held in Cadarache, France, on June 4-6, 2002.
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