Over six hundred representatives from European industry and fusion research institutes gathered in Barcelona on 13/14 December, for a two-day workshop named “ITER – Opportunities for European Industry”. The goal of the workshop was to inform European companies about the ITER project, and to discuss opportunities for their involvement in its construction. The workshop followed an initiative of the Committee for Fusion Industry of the European Commission, and was hosted by the Spanish fusion Association CIEMAT.

During the ITER-project, the European industrial companies that will construct the European part of the ITER-device will use high-tech knowhow developed in fusion research institutions around Europe. It is expected that a lot of technological innovation will result from the exploitation of this knowledge, which opens many opportunities for high-tech companies to participate fruitfully to the project. Fusion research institutions themselves will benefit from industrial knowledge methodologies.

The workshop, which included a fusion industry exhibition, offered a practical possibility for industrial parties to meet fusion experts from ITER and EFDA. An Industry Suppliers Database, to which interested companies are encouraged to register, was presented at this occasion. The database will be made available on the EFDA website in the near future.