Norbert Holtkamp

“My task is even more complicated than my title – and this is complicated enough.” On April 1st Dr. Norbert Holtkamp was nominated Principal Deputy Director General (PDDG) of the international ITER Project. As Project Construction Leader, the 44 year old German physicist will be  responsible for the technical realisation of ITER. On the 26th of July, Norbert Holtkamp introduced himself to the EFDA staff in Garching and Barcelona. He stressed the importance of the employment scheme, which will include the recruitment of approximately 70 professionals plus 50-70 support staff by the end of 2007. By the end of 2009, Holtkamp wants to have reached operational level with approximately 300 professionals and 300 support staff. “The next three years will be critical to get the right people on board. With respect to the scope of this project we will need the best people we can find.”