At the 12th ITER Negotiation Meeting, which was held on the 6th of December in Korea, India was welcomed as a full partner to the ITER project.

At the beginning of the meeting, the current ITER partners (EU, Japan, China, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Korea and the USA) unanimously and enthusiastically welcomed the new partner, after which a Delegation from India, for the first time, joined the meeting and participated fully in the discussions that followed.

The Head of the Indian Delegation, Dr. V.P. Raja, remarked that with India joining ITER, now more than half of humanity has entered into a partnership to work towards the solution of one of the most pressing problems for mankind, the energy problem. He further explained about India’s enormous energy needs, caused by an accelerating economy and growing expectations of India’s citizens for a better quality of life, and reminded the other partners that India has already designed and built two tokamak devices, ADITYA and the steady state superconducting tokamak SST 1.