Prof. Dr. Hannspeter Winter

Prof. Dr. Hannspeter Winter, Director of the Institut für Allgemeine Physik of the Vienna University for Technology and Head of Research Unit of the Association EURATOM-ÖAW, died suddenly and unexpectedly on 8 November 2006.

Prof. Hannspeter Winter was born in 1941 in Wels,  Austria. He was a highly respected scientist and a science manager with international reputation. His academic fi elds of work were plasma physics, thermonuclear fusion, atomic and molecular collisions and spectroscopy, ion physics and surface physics. He was a member of a large number of committees dealing with university management and quality assurance and an expert for EU research programmes. He published more than 270 articles in international refereed scientifi c journals and was invited as a lecturer to many research institutes and international conferences.

In 1996, Prof. Hannspeter Winter was appointed Head of Research Unit of the then newly established Association EURATOM-ÖAW. He supported all participating research groups with his strong commitment and guided the researchers of the Association EURATOM-ÖAW to internationally acknowledged results. The Association EURATOM-ÖAW has lost not only its Head of Research Unit, but also a highly respected leader, colleague and teacher. His expertise, constructive ideas and his optimistic and charismatic personality will be greatly missed.

Professor Harald W. Weber from the Atominstitut in Vienna has been designated to take over as Head of Research Unit.