The IEA (International Energy Agency) Ministerial Governing Board Meeting took place in Paris on April 28 and 29, 2003, attracting high level representatives from all IEA member states. In parallel with the meeting an Energy Technology Collaboration Fair was organised to show the activities which are being promoted by various member countries in the fields of renewables (including hydrogen), fossil fuels, end use technologies and fusion. Fusion was also mentioned in the input document presented at the Ministerial Governing Board meeting.

The aim of the fair was to present to the visitors the state of art in these fields, in which co-operative research is pursued through the Implementing Agreements which are established by the member countries in the framework of the IEA.

The fusion stand was organised by the IEA Fusion Power Co-ordinating Committee and EFDA played a key role in its implementation. The stand consisted of three different areas: a generic description of fusion, an overview of the ITER project and a display covering the Implementing Agreements. The ITER model and a model showing the building layout at the ITER site were also presented. A Power Point presentation and films on fusion (The Starmakers, JET, ITER [courtesy of ITER Canada], IFMIF [courtesy of JAERI]) were shown on a large computer-driven plasma screen at the entrance to the stand.

The Ministers and delegations visited the fair in the afternoon of the first day. They spent a substantial time at our stand and were given information about fusion, with special emphasis on the ITER project. In particular, most of the Ministers representing governments involved in the ITER Negotiations visited the stand and they were therefore very well informed about the current situation. All were very supportive of fusion research activities and, more specifically, of the ITER project. On the following day, the press was allowed to visit the fair before the final press conference, given by Mr. B. Wilson (UK), Chairman of the Ministerial Board, together with the IEA Executive Director, Mr. C. Mandil, closed the event.

The presence of fusion at the fair allowed the fusion community to convey to this high level audience the progress achieved, the present state of research and the developments towards the construction of ITER, which is the necessary next step in the world fusion programme.

VIPs visiting the fusion stand:

Mr. S. Abraham (USA – Energy Secretary)
Mr. H. Dhaliwal (Canada – Minister of Natural Resources)
Mr. J. Folgado Blanco (Spain – State Secretary Energy and Industrial Development)
Mr. H. Gueler (Turkey – Minister of Natural Resources)
Mr. T. Hiranuma (Japan – Minister of Economy)
Mr. F. Lamoreux (EU – Director General Energy and Transport)
Mr. D. Maillard (France -Director General Energy and Raw Materials)
Mr. C. Mandil (IEA – Executive Director)
Ms. L. de Palacio (EU – Vice President of the EU Commission and Commissioner for Energy and Transport)
Mr. B. Wilson ( UK – Energy Minister)
Mr. I. Yusufov (Russian Federation – Minister of Energy)

Main topics of the meeting:
• Technology options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the long term
• Security of energy supply

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