CCFE’s Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) is undergoing a major £30 million upgrade. When completed in 2015, MAST-Upgrade will enable fusion scientists to investigate innovative divertor concepts for DEMO.

In order to refit MAST’s magnetic coils, diagnostics, power supplies and a plethora of other systems, the tokamak has had to be stripped down and removed from its machine hall to an assembly area where upgrade work can be carried out. And transporting 25 tonnes of extremely valuable scientific hardware, even a relatively short distance, is no mean feat. The concrete housing in which MAST was contained was sliced with diamond cutters to create a ‘MAST-sized’ hole for the device to be lifted through with the help of a specially-installed crane with a 50-tonne capacity.
Nick Holloway, CCFE

all pictures: CCFE