The present work on JET is directed primarily towards the preparation of ITER operation and is focused on the so-called ELMy H-mode which offers a well-established path to the ITER design target of a 10-fold amplification of the input power through fusion reactions (Q=10). Beyond this, however, ITER will also explore regimes of true steady state operation, which require the attainment of better confinement and higher plasma pressures at given plasma current and magnetic fields. The two largest task forces on JET, S1 and S2, address the scientific issues connected with the base-line and the steady-state operation of ITER.

Break-even (Q):
The fusion performance of a power plant is denoted by Q, which is the ratio of the power in the fusion products to that used to heat the plasma. Break-even corresponds to Q = 1, ignition corresponds to infinite Q. A burning plasma has Q > 5.

Task force S1:
Consolidation of ITER database and reference scenarios

Task force S2:
ITER Advanced Scenarios